League / Covid Latest Update

League / Covid Latest Update

Following today’s announcement by the government we are happy to say that the ESFL will continue season 20/21 in its current format unless any new national restrictions are imposed effecting grassroots/amateur football.

This is regularly being assessed and contingency plans are being reviewed should the situation change. This may reduce the amount of games to play, extending the time period in which group games need to be played or reducing the amount of teams who progress from the groups. 

One of the main aims of the league was to reduce stress, improve mental health and increase fitness. During this pandemic grassroots sport returning has given people something to look forward and boosted moral. It is clear from the huge amount of positive comments on social media that this league will be a success and is already shaping up to be the league we envisaged.

At present we appreciate that the Welsh FA is still to allow league fixtures to begin and also local lockdown restrictions are in place for a small number of regions in England. It’s is hoped that teams will still have sufficient time to play group fixtures in the allocated time scale. (Over four months)

Should a team believe they are unable to complete their group fixtures and wish to withdraw from the ESFL please email the league at info@esfl.co.uk to discuss in greater details. We are happy to hold a teams space until next seasons competition.

All clubs are reminded to ensure they are up to date with the latest FA and Government advice. Please ensure that all guidelines and social distancing measures are adhered to.

For the latest FA Covid guidance please click the link 👇


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